How much time should we set aside in our schedule to visit the Aquarium of New Brunswick?

The duration of the visit depends on the interest of the visitor and could vary from 1:30 to 2 hours.

What does a visit to the Aquarium of New Brunswick look like?

The visit can be done individually or in a group. You will have the opportunity to visit more than 30 exhibits, the touch tank and the outside harbour seal exhibit at your own pace. Audiovisual presentations on the history of fishing and on the oceans and its creatures are also available. Interpreters are on site and can answer your questions, if requested.

Is there WIFI internet?

WIFI internet is available free of charge inside the building.

Can the parking lot accommodate motorized vehicles or trailers?

The parking lot of the Aquarium of New Brunswick can comfortably accommodate visitors traveling by motorized vehicle or with their trailer.

Is parking free?

Parking is free.

Are pets allowed on the site?

Pets, even on a leash or comfortably installed in a carriage or a bag suitable for their transport, are NOT allowed inside the building. Pets on a leash are allowed outdoors.

Are service animals allowed on site?

Service animals, which are certified to perform this task (the certificate will be requested at the admission counter during the visit), are welcome inside the Aquarium of New Brunswick.

Can we sleep in the parking lot of the Aquarium of New Brunswick?

The Aquarium of New Brunswick does not allow camping in its parking lot, whether in a trailer, tent, or motorized vehicle. Here are the coordinates of some campsites within a radius of 15 kilometers or less:

Shippagan Campground

589 Haut-Shippagan Road. Haut-Shippagan NB E8S 2R2

Phone: 506 336-3960


Chez Janine du Havre Campsite

48, Chiasson road. Savoy Landing NB E8S 3A6

Phone: 506 336-8884


Lamèque Campsite

237 Gauvin Road. Petite-Lamèque NB E8T 2R4

Phone. : 506 344-2525

Jeannot Islands campsite (and chalets)

21, Guignard road. Petite-Lamèque NB E8T 4S2

Phone. : 506 344-2590

Can we eat on the site of the Aquarium of New Brunswick?

The restaurant at the Shippagan Aquatic Pavilion is located on the site of Aquarium of New Brunswick. You can also bring your picnic; we have some tables available outside with a view of the sea.

Can I pay by credit and / or debit card at the Aquarium of New Brunswick?

It is possible to pay by credit and / or debit card.

Is the establishment accessible to wheelchairs or to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the indoor establishment is completely accessible to wheelchairs or visitors with reduced mobility. With a few exceptions, the outdoor establishment is too.